How we source

We source our games carefully: Pinball machines are now bought in un-restored from selected European suppliers. We now carry out all the restoration work. We no longer buy games from the USA due to the very low value of the Pound Sterling post-Brexit.

We take our time to find the right game. We have a list of trusted European suppliers who love their games as much as we do. Unfortunately, like all industries it takes time to build up a trusted list of dealers or agents. Some people dealing in this great hobby are simply in it for the money and we’ve learnt that to our detriment. We want you to enjoy pinball and have the fewest amount of problems possible. Most British pinball operators in the 60′s and 70′s ran the games into the ground. Few were left in good condition. This is why we import 70% of our pinball machines from outside the UK. We have an un-restored stock of around 30 pinball machines so just call and ask to see if we have the game you want.

Please click on and take a look at “New balls please!” to see what we do to games before we advertise them for sale.

You can contact us and ask us to source your ideal game. Bear in mind we only deal in games from the 1950′s to 1981 and we tend to concentrate on EMs (Electro Mechanical) machines although we often have some early SS (Solid State) Bally games in stock. We do not deal in any game post 1982 sorry. Please go to the “contact us” page and send us your details and wish list. We will contact you back by phone to chat about what you are after and how we can help you.


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