Bally Vs Gottlieb Vs Williams ?

To Bally? Or to Gottlieb? That is the question?

Or perhaps to Williams?

This is the most difficult and most controversial question in the pinball World. The choice is yours but our guidance is as follows:

BALLY games are in our mind the fastest, brightest and most enjoyable games of the 70′s. They had fantastic game designers and artists working at Bally. Some of the most classic games of the 1970′s game from Bally. Games like: Fireball, Capt. Fantastic, Wizard! to name but a few. You will always get a great game from a Bally machine, but bear in mind that they were made in great quantities so they’re not always as rare as Gottliebs.

GOTTLIEB games in our mind were the dominant force of the 1960′s. The artwork was typical of American poster art and ROY PARKER one of the greatest pinball artists of all time worked intensely for Gottlieb until his death in late 1965. Gottlieb games are considered by many to be easier to beat than Bally or Williams. Some classic games like Buckaroo, Kings & Queens, Gigi and Cross Town are becoming very rare to find in good condition and will only go up in value, mainly because relatively small batches were made of these games and they re now all approaching 50 years of age.

WILLIAMS games in our mind tend to be the connoisseur’s choice.They had a great and legendary designer by the name of Steve Kordek working for them for decades. Steve’s games are usually a real player’s game. Williams games may not be the prettiest nor have the best graphics nor artwork, but their game play is often spectacular and very rewarding.

There were others like CHICAGO COIN and they produced some decent games but the big three are the ones listed above.

The choice is yours………………………………Have fun.