When Gottlieb turned towards these newfangled solid state digital System 1 games back in the very late 70s they soon realised that the technology they had opted for was, let's say, not very good. Soon Gottlieb were sold to Columbia Pictures who duly decided to dismantle the company and eventually sell it off. When I was young (many years ago) these new digital games were always out of order in the arcades. Believe it or not, the older EM games were still working perfectly, when these new digital games were out of order. However, four decades later, with new technology we can now offer new MPU and power boards which make these games work perfectly. Thanks to flipper.fr (Pascal) we can now offer perfectly playing solid state Gottlieb games from the late 70s. 

This Genie on offer plays brilliantly. It has brand new boards and power boards as well as an integrated sound board. New blue digital displays add to this game looking simply great. However, what makes this game brilliant is the brand new reproduction mirrored finish backglass which was manufactured ad hoc. The cabinet is original and in incredibly good condition. The game has been mechanically completely refurbished, with new drop targets, flippers, pop bumpers, lamps and lamp holders and several new static targets. The game also comes with a copy of the original manual, a new playfield glass and new legs (not chromed). The lockbar has been chromed and the siderails polished. As with all our games we offer a ONE year warranty and one free call out from date of delivery. NOTE: This is a widebody game and therefore slightly lwider and longer than normal sized games. The length is about 145 cms long and 78 cms wide.



Name: Genie

Make: D. Gottlieb & Co. a Columbia Pictures Industries Company

Releasedate: October 1979

Units made: 6,800

Designer: Ed Krynski

Artwork: Gordon Morison

Model number 435


The game has a brand new integrated sound board which includes all the any 1970s digital sounds.

Genie (Gottlieb) 1979