We often get asked "Do you sell original games"? Well here is a totally original Bally Fireball from February 1972. We purchased this around a year ago from a gentlmen who had kept it for over 20 years. He never serviced it once during it's life time. Imported from New York City it followed him around the World, I believe it went to Istanbul, Edinburgh, and Thailand with him, amongst other places.  We have done the very basics to it and got it working. It plays, resets, scores correctly, but that's about it. This game has a good original playfield with some wear around the bumpers, no wear around the flippers and a 10/10 perfect backglass.


You can buy it as is. No warranty implied nor offered. sold as seen. OR you can have us completely refurbish it mechanically for £1,250 plus parts which will be around £350 to £400. Then we will offer a 1 year warranty on parts and labour and one free call out within the UK (terms and conditions apply) OR we can also completely chrome and polish all the exterior metal which will include legs, frame of the glass and side rails, front door, plunger, frame on front door, glass retaining bar and most parts on the playfield like ball return, ball arch sick metal guides, plunger escutcheon (but not glass lift bar). A full external chrome pack will cost £1,500. Yes chroming is getting more and more expensive. The legs cost £300 alone. OR you can have us repaint the cabinet simply add £1,750. Tricky cabinet to paint. OR you can also have the insides completely dismantled and zinc plated. Simply add another £1,000. Yep it's a lot of work. OR you could have the entire playfield repainted and lacquered to look better than new. Cost £2,500 and a wait time of 12 to 14 months.


We see this game as a build it yourself game.  We will do what you want us to do to it.



Name: Fireball

Make: Bally Manufacturing Corp.

Releasedate: February 1972

Units made: 3,815

Original sale price excluding tax: $895.00

Designer: Ted Zale

Artwork: Dave Christensen

Model number 926


N.B.Our current waiting times to start any work on this game is 3 months.


FIREBALL (Bally) 1972