One of THE most iconic electro mechanical pinball machines from the 1960s.

This particular example belongs to my personal collection but I am willing to let it go to a good home. We have been through everything on this game and it has had an extensive mechanical refurbishment. The backglass is original but a 9/10, the playfield is original and it was my intention to get it repainted or have a Wade Krauss reproduction playfield installed. We have one on order. The cabinet was repainted by persons unknown and isnt quite the right colours (in my opinion). The game plays faster than any 21st century game. Lightening quick!!!

It has a chromed front door, lock down bar, plunger, ball lift and escutcheon as well as polished side rails. The legs are new but NOT chromed.

The animated backbox works perfectly and yes this one does have GREEN doors. Anyone doesn't want LEDs we will remove them. As per usual the game comes with schematics as well as new toughened playfield glass. Why am I selling one of the best if not the very best EM wedgehead ever made? Space and time. I have no space in my house and I would like to totally restore it but have no time as we are working 100% on commission work at the minute. This game has the potential of being very special.


In our opinion you could add:

1. Cabinet repaint £1,750 (to correct colours although current cabinet isn't bad)

2. Full external chroming and polishing including legs £1,000

3. Internal zinc and chrome plating full £1,250 not offering partial on this baby.

4. New Wade Krauss reproduction playfield with shipping and installation into game £1,750 (this isn't currently available but on order)


Delivery is extra subject to floor and location.


Comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and labour (see terms and conditions) and ONE free call out within ONE year from date of delivery.




Name: Cross Town

Make: D. Gottlieb & Co.

Date of Build: September 1966

Designer: Ed Krynski

Artwork: Art Stenholm

Units made: 2,765

Model number: 229

Notes: Last Gottlieb game with a ball lift


Cross Town (Gottlieb) 1966