If you like poker and pinball this game is a must. Other poker themed games have followed but this exceptionally popular game from 1977 beats them all. It's a drop targey extravaganza and the aim of the game is to firstly knock down the two Jacks, hence Jacks Open and then three Queens, Full House and Royal Flush. Looks easy? Well the rule set is easy but try achieving it. This example has had a full playfield repaint by Pinball Dreams in Saarbrucken, the playfield was then lacquered 5 times. It also has a brand new glass which will also feature the Queen's face lighting up (no other backglass has this). Furthermore every external piece of metal has been chromed, zinc or nikel plated and polished. Just look at that door! The cabinet has been repainted and lacquered. The game has been fully refurbished inside, but not nickel plated nor chromed. It plays fantastically well as the bumpers, flippers, sling shots have all been rebuilt. ALL NEW lap holders and lamps on playfield. All new rubbers with some LED s added in backbox to illuminate backglass. The plastics are new as are the roll over guides, plus all ten drop targets are also new.

Rates amongst my own personal top 10 EMs of all time. Comes with a schematics and a 1 year warranty on parts and labour UK (mainland) only.

Jacks Open (Gottlieb) 1977

  • Name: Jacks Open
    Make: Gottlieb.
    Date of Build: January 1977
    Designer: Ed Krynski
    Artwork: Gordon Morison
    Number made: 2,975
    Model: 395