Here we have a nicely restored Williams Space Mission from 1976. Designed by the late Steve Kordek this game proved to be immensely popular with over 11,000 units produced. The artwork on the backglass was inspired by a painting at NASA HQ by the late Robert McCall. This is a 4 player game which has been mechaniclly refurbished, including all new lamp holders, new flippers, reconditioned pop bumpers a fully repainted cabinet with powder coated legs and a chormed front door, frame, plunger, shooter housing, lock bar, polished side rails and glass retaining bar. The playfield is original and in good to very good condition and the backglass is also original being a 7.5/10. The game plays well and still needs some work, for instance the rear bottom corner of the back box needs to be fixed as this got slightly damaged in one of its moves. The game comes with a host of original literature. It is set to free play and originated in Marseilles in France. As with all our refurbished or restored games it comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and labour and ONE FREE call out within the first 12 months of delivery (terms and conditions apply).

Delivery is extra but normally £250 within the M25 (conditions apply). We have another 2 or 3 days work on this game before we are happy to sell it, minor details and adjustments.



Name: Space Mission

Make: Williams Electronics

Release date: January 1976

Units made 11,652

Designed by Steve Kordek

Artwork: Christian Marche

Purchase price from new excluding tax: $355.99
model number: 464

Space Mission (Williams) 1976