Features: This game is not only rare, no one actually knows much about. The game was manufactured in Italy by an unknown manufacturer in or around 1975. It is an exact copy of Tiger by Gottlieb produced in August 1975 model number 378 artwork by Gordon Morison and designed by Ed Krynski. This game is in excellent original condition. The cabinet and backglass are in superb condition and the playfield was touched up clear coated and polished by Pinball Dreams in Germany. It’s unlikely this game has seen any action from the late 70′s onwards. We are currently refurbishing interior mechanics and all chrome and metal This game has 100% Gottlieb parts. In essence it is a Gottlieb but built in Italy. Whether it was built under licence or as a “pirated” game we don’t know. We believe it was built with the knowledge of D. Gottlieb & Co. simply for the amount of identical parts used and that a Spanish Company of unknown origin built an identical game called “El Tigre” The original only had 1,100 units built. It is an AAB or add a ball game which extends the game play without rewarding you with a replay. If you are after a perfect example of a rare game especially outside Italy we suggest you buy this immediately.

The Circus Tiger (Gottlieb) 1975/6

  • Name: The Circus Tiger
    Make: Unknown but based on Gottlieb “Tiger”
    Date of Build: 975/6
    Designer: Unknown
    Artwork: Unknown
    Origin: Naples
    Model: Unknown but based on 378 by Gottlieb

  • Comes with a one year warranty on parts and labour and ONE free service call within England only. Excludes Silly Isles, Isle if Man, Isle of Wight, and Channel Islands.