Peace of mind

We have run the risk of buying the wrong game. We have worried about the crating, shipping, trucking, customs and potential damage in transit. Therefore, WE have taken the stress out of your purchase. We want to offer peace of mind. To do this we have gone through the rigorous process mentioned above when choosing, restoring or importing a game. When you purchase a game from us, included in the price is the set-up of the game in your home/location. The price does NOT include delivery charges which will vary depending on your location. Please see our delivery charges as a sub-page on “contact us”.

For logistical reasons we try to limit all sales to the UK market only, however there may always be an exception to this. Payment can be in:

1.CASH or 2. UK CHEQUE (cleared funds) or 3. BANK TRANSFER

If paying by PayPal (payment via e-mail) please contact us first to inform us of this choice and also bear in mind that a 5% admin charge will be added to the price of the game.

Food for thought: REMEMBER these games are now ‘old ladies’. They will occasionally breakdown and will need to be serviced every six months. Consider this as a pinball health check if you will. We offer a lifetime FREE telephone helpline on all our pinball machines. Often a fault can be diagnosed over the phone.

Warranty – 6 months on parts and labour from date of delivery. By parts we mean breakable and replaceable parts, like, coils, switches, bulbs, lamp holders, links, pawls. If you break the backglass, scratch the playfield or cause a fault through neglect or abuse the warranty is void. ONE FREE call out included in the sale price within 12 months from delivery anywhere in the England.


Peace of mind