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"Great supplier

Never let me down 

I love my machine!"


Mervyn Davies

Sure Shot 1976 Gottlieb
purchased in 2014

"I would 100% use Pinball Creative if you are looking for a Pinball. Last year I decided to fulfil a lifelong ambition to buy a fully restored Gottlieb Pinball. After completing some research I reached out to a few people and of all of them Giacomo was perfect for my needs. He helped me navigate all the right questions re type of machine, condition, restoration, price and investment. I now have a fantastic machine that will be a great investment in the future. The pinball world is quite complex and my advice is to use a trusted expert and these Guys are!"
David Hewitt
Owner off a fully restored Gottlieb 2001 from 1971 purchased in 2017

"I’ve bought three machines from Pinball Creative: King of Diamonds, 2001 and Ice Show. All stunning both to look at and to play. I imagine aftercare in the pinball world is non existent and the one issue I had with Ice Show was a sticking score reel (a relatively common issue on EM machines) and Pinball Creative offered to visit my home on a Sunday evening to fix the issue. Enough said.
Don’t buy a machine from the famous auction site as it won’t work. I’ve been there. If you can afford it then buy from these guys who care about the machines and you".

Henry Ball - Dunton Green, Kent
Proud owner of a rare 1966 Ice Show since 2014

"What really shows through with Pinball Creative is owner Giacomo’s obsessive passion for pinball.  His restorations are second to none and he cares about the machines as if they were still his own, long after you have bought yours from him.  If you love these games, there is no one better - in the world - to be your guide to enjoying them".

YN - London
Owner of 3 perfectly restored
Gottlieb games from the 60's
"Giacomo has implanted a lifelong passion for, and knowledge of electro mechanical pinball machines into his business, Pinball Creative. This, along with his desire for perfection, in restoring these fascinating, mechanical works of art, can only give confidence to the novice or ardent enthusiast, that they will receive excellent quality, service and advice in the world of original pinball. It is a pleasure dealing with Giacomo and Pinball Creative".

Steven Crampin - Sheffield
Owner of a 1964 Bowling Queen and Bally 1981 Eight Ball Deluxe. Purchased 2018

“ The word expert is bandied about far too much nowadays, but I think it is fair to say the Giacomo Malverni and his team at Pinball creative are, without doubt, the counties leading experts in the restoration and maintenance of classic and vintage pinball machines. I should know – I have bought, owner and enjoyed three machines from Pinball creative! The machines are beautifully prepared, expertly restored (there’s that word again) and sympathetically upgraded. More importantly, Giacomo is always ready with great advice, and should one of these old girls show her age, the support offered by the company is professional, quick and extremely competitive.  A vintage pinball machine from Pinball creative is an excellent investment that I would not hesitate to recommend!”.  

Nick - Essex

Bought a Bally Mata Hari in 2012, Evel Knievel in 2015 and a  Playboy in 2016

We take our time to find the right game. We have a list of trusted European suppliers who love their games as much as we do. Unfortunately, like all industries it takes time to build up a trusted list of dealers or agents. Some people dealing in this great hobby are simply in it for the money and we’ve learnt that to our detriment. We want you to enjoy pinball and have the fewest amount of problems possible. Most British pinball operators in the 60′s and 70′s ran the games into the ground. Few were left in good condition. This is why we import 70% of our pinball machines from outside the UK. We have an un-restored stock of around 30 pinball machines so just call and ask to see if we have the game you want.

You can contact us and ask us to source your ideal game. Bear in mind we only deal in games from the 1950′s to 1981 and we tend to concentrate on EMs (Electro Mechanical) machines although we often have some early SS (Solid State) Bally games in stock. We do not deal in any game post 1982 sorry. Please go to the contact us page and send us your details and wish list. We will contact you back by phone to chat about what you are after and how we can help you.

"Giacomo has an incredible passion for pinball games that are in essence time capsules from a different era. Each and every game that he restores reflects his passion, expertise and knowledge. Highly recommended to pay a visit and play these wonderful games". 

Simon H - Cheltenham 

Bought and Ice Show in 2013 and later part exchanged it for a Gigi in 2014

"I have known Giacomo and Pinball Creative since 2013 when I first contacted them to enquire about buying a classic Gottlieb pinball. I was so impressed with what they were doing to help preserve and maintain these fantastic machines that I ended up buying two pinballs at the same time!  Since then I have remained in regular contact with them and they are always my first point of contact for any purchases, exchanges or repairs. Their knowledge and passion for these electro mechanical machines is second to none and they have always been available to give me any advice and quick to respond when any servicing is required. I have had dealings with several so called “pinball experts” in the past and can honestly say that Giacomo and his team are the best.  They undoubtedly have the greatest choice for quality vintage machines and spares.  I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone seeking help or considering a purchase of one of these exceptional machines.". 

Bob M, Cobham, Surrey

Bought a Kings & Queens and Bank-a-Ball in 2015 

‘I bought my Universe machine from Giacomo a few years back.  It is a beautiful pinball machine, as much a characterful item of furniture as a game my 7 year old and his friends still regularly love to play. Despite being over 50 years old we have had no problems with any of the mechanisms, we just make sure we regularly service it with Giacomo.  Delighted with my purchase and the game.’

Lynda Petherick - London

Proud owner of a Gottlieb Universe from 1959

I have purchase 7 games from Pinball Creative over the past 4 years.

Very happy and superb back-up service. Care and passion transpire in everything these people do.

Jim C - Formby

"I met the Pinball Creative Team after my brother bought a machine from them for a birthday present. PC delivered the machine and about it's history, the fact that it was painstakingly restored to it's original condition. These people are brilliantly crazy about pinball machines. their knowledge of both period and modern machines is second to none. I have moved twice and each time PC have moved my Magic City for me. They come regularly to service the machine and it still plays like new FIVE years on. It was the best gift ever and I am really grateful that it was bought from a company that is so passionate and knowledgable about these fabulous machines

Jill - Glasgow

Owner of a 1967 Williams Magic City bought in 2013

"We are the proud owners of 4 lovely Gottlieb pinball machines bought from Pinball Creative over a three year period.

The games were all perfectly restored and sit in our games room in Mallorca. Whilst there have been some minor glitches with the pinballs, which is to be expected with regular play, we ensure they are serviced once, sometimes twice a year to get continued entertainment from these iconic games from the 60s and 70s".

Miles - London

Owner of an El Dorado (1975), Capt. Card (1974), Royal Pair (1975) and Melody (1967)

"Giacomo's passion for and knowledge of electomechanical pinball machines is second to none. He and the rest of the Pinball Creative team restored my 1965 Gottlieb Cow Poke to an immaculate condition, and have since helped keep
it running perfectly. I would recommend anyone considering buying a vintage pinball machine go to Pinball Creative.".

Paul R - Buckinghamshire

Owner of one of the best Gottlieb Cowpokes on the planet

"Giacomo and Jake were a pleasure to deal with. Their passion and enthusiasm for pinball comes through. My 1949 Buttons & Bows machine has been fully reconditioned, keeping as many original parts as possible, and is working pretty much as good as new. I would thoroughly recommend them.".

Nick E

Owner of a 1949 Gottlieb Buttons & Bows

After searching for what seemed an eternity we found Pinball Creative who supplied us with a mint Gottlieb Atlantis from 1975. They even came out on a bank holiday Friday to sort out some small defects. Not cheap but worth the money

Ros - East London

"We bought two pinball machines from Pinball Creative and are very happy with both. Needless to say they are restored to perfect condition."

Olivier M - London

Owner of 1980 Nitro Ground Shaker and 1976 Capt. Fantastic

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