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Gottlieb 1965 Kings & Queens pinball machine blonde lady in backglass with cards

Terms & Conditions (rentals. All Hired games are subject to the following TermS)
& Conditions:

1. Games: All games hired out are fully functioning and must be returned in the same condition.

2. Deposits: There are TWO options: 


A. games will be subject to a refundable deposit of £5000 (per game). This deposit must be paid in full prior to delivery of games, by bank transfer, cheque (cleared funds). The deposit will be refunded after the game has been collected and inspected. If the game has been damaged, abused, tampered with, then a percentage of the deposit will be held back to cover the cost of damage. Bear in mind that a back glass can cost anything up to £600 and if cracked or broken during the hiring out this amount will be deducted from the deposit.




B. We accompany the game during the entire hire and no deposit will be required to hire a pinball(s) this will mean that we are present and can also check the game should there be a fault. It also avoids paying us a huge deposit in advance.

3. Access: It is imperative that the following conditions regarding access are read understood and accepted prior to hiring a game: Any pinball(s) hired can ONLY be delivered to a ground floor location. Mezzanine and higher or lower floors not accepted. If for any reason the games are to be delivered to any floor above or below ground this MUST be specified and agreed with Pinball Creative in writing prior to hiring and will incur additional charges dependent upon location.

4. Doors: All doors leading into the venue/location/hall/party/reception MUST be at LEAST 28″ wide

5. Sockets: Plug points MUST be at least 2 meters from where the game is to be located.

6. Permission: The venue (owners) gladly allow pinball(s) machines to be placed on site and are fully compliant with a pinball(s) to be situated in their venue for the party/event. Written permission may be required from the owners/management of the venue stating this.

7. Duration of hire:

  • Games hired out for a week-day will be delivered before noon and collected 1 minute after midnight. Or 12 hour period.

  • Games hired out for a Saturday will be delivered before noon and collected (turned off) 1 minute after 1 am on the Sunday morning (unless previously agreed otherwise in writing) Or 12 hour period.

  • Games hired out for a week-end will be delivered before noon on Saturday and collected (turned off) at 6pm on the Sunday. (unless previously agreed otherwise in writing)

  • All games will be available to play 1 hour after delivery. (unless previously agreed otherwise in writing).

  • Film Shoots - Any game hired out for a film shoot is hired out for a total of 9 hours, this doesn not include transport to location/venue.. Normal hours of hire are 7.00 am to 4.00 pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. Cost of hire after 4.00 pm £50.00 hour or part of. Cost of hire after 7.00 pm £70.00 per hour or part of. Hire after 11.00 pm £130.00 hour or part of. Cost of hire after 2.00 am £200.00 per hour or part of Cost of hire between 4.00 am and 7.00 am £250.00 per hour or part of. Saturday: the rates increase by 30% across the board. Sundays and Bank holidays: the rates increase by 70% across the board. The games ARE NOT PROPS! We must be present at any movement of the game around the set. No tape, masking, gaffer or otherwise can be stuck to/on the game. The electro-mechanical games are LOUD!!! They will make a noise when being played or even started up. Most have bells which we can disconnect. There are NO VOLUME controls on E-M games. The above costs include us being present on filming location throughout the shoot. Production Teams - Please ensure you are allowed to use the games in your film. Some games come under licence and images cannot be used without the licence holder's permission. All hires must be paid for 7 days in advance via bank transfer. No refunds re given if there is a change of mind and the game/s are no longer required. Any change in choice of game required will also incur a supplementary charge. It is further understood and accepted that whilst on set Pinball Creative staff will be entitled to free food and drink as per all crew on site. 

8. Parking: Suitable parking must be offered free of charge and within 50 meters of the entrance of the venue. If no free parking is offered we reserve the right to charge a flat fee of £30.00 extra to park. If the game is hired within the London Congestion zone (and applicable charges apply) we will charge £50.00 extra

9. Responsibility of Access: It is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the organizer/booking agent to ensure that they have read, understood and fully accepted all the above terms and conditions. If for any reason, when a game is delivered, ANY of the above stipulations are not met then Pinball Creative reserve the right to NOT install a game and will still charge the full daily or week-end rate. These Terms & Conditions MUST be agreed in writing by the person/agent booking the machine(s) prior to delivery. A form listing all terms and conditions will be sent out prior to taking the deposit and must be signed for by the booking party and returned to Pinball Creative before any machines can be delivered. The booking party/agents persons hiring the machine(s) will also need to provide a full UK address, contact details, copy of  a valid EU Passport or UK Driving Licence and MUST be UK residents.

10. Responsibility of Damage: Whilst on hire, any damage which may occur to any hired pinball game will be the sole responsibility of the organizer/booking agent, irrespective of who (at the party/event/reception) actually damages the machine.

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