Bally 1980 Nitro Ground Shaker pinball machine close up of backglass driver Mad Dog Christensen (artist)



Now in our seventh year of trading Pinball Creative concentrates on the EXCEPTIONAL restoration, sales and hire of 1950s to 1970s American vintage EM pinball machines and early digital (SS) games from the 80′s. We are both web based and bricks and mortar with a showroom and studio in Lower Addsicombe, near East Croydon, Surrey.
Run by it’s owner Giacomo Malvermi, with the assistance of Jake Papas and freelance help from electronics wiz-kid Alf Davis we are based in South London and we strive to create the perfect game.

At Pinball Creative we take our restoration work seriously and there are no compromises in the parts we use and the time we take. Our pinball machine restoration work has no comparisons. We work to a standard not to a price. We take immense pride in our work and only want our pinball tables and classic pinball machines to play as good if not better than when they left their factory.

Pinball Creative is all about bringing back nostalgic moments for those of you lucky enough to remember arcades jam packed full of pinball machines.  


We also want to introduce the younger generations to tangible real pinball machines and guide them away from virtual (non) reality. To let them experience the thrill of the ball launch, flippers, lights, sounds and glowing blackglass of a classic game.


Please have a look at the range of EM and Solid-State pinball machines we have to offer on the following pages. We hold a stock of iconic pinball games from the 1950′s to the 70′s.

Good pinball tables don’t come cheap. We only deal in classic American games from the top manufactures including Bally, Williams and Gottlieb. You can choose from the games on our pages or alternatively contact us and commission us to find the game you want. This usually takes time (between three to six months) as these games are becoming rarer and rarer and increasingly harder to find.

We hope you enjoy viewing our website. Please feel free to contact us about anything you want to ask. Pinball is about fun, happiness, enjoyment and nostalgia. It can be competitive and often frustrating to play. Whatever your reason for wanting to buy a game we feel confident that Pinball Creative can provide a superb game from the golden age of pinball. Check out:

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Giacomo Malvermi, proprietor and owner Pinball Creative London UK
 Jake Papas - Technical assistant at Pinball Creative London UK.
Alf Davis plays pinball and is a technical electronics expert also specialises in vintage Hi-Fi and sound engineering equipment
Alf Davis
Clyde is Pinball Creative's tabby cat he lives close by and like to sleep on pinballs
Giacomo Malvermi
Jake Papas
Chairman Miao - Talisman