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Gottlieb 1967 wedgehead pinball King of Diamonds light shield plastic

Terms & Conditions (sales)


All games are sold with a limited warranty and sales are final. Please see below.

All games are fully working before leaving our workshop. These games have been tested many times, but as the games are now vintage and getting old and there is every chance that they may arrive not fully functioning due to jolts and bumps in transit. Often it is simply the case that a wire may have come lose or contacts may need to be re-aligned. This is why we insist on installing games (see below).

Once installed in your house we will test the game at least a dozen times to ensure it works well. Allow at least two hours for set-up and installation. If it fails to work once we have departed, you can either call us for assistance or we can come out ONCE for free in the first 12 months from purchase, this can be at any time either 2 hours after delivery or 364 days and 23 hours after purchase. Should you not be happy with your purchase when we are installing the game in your home due to it not working correctly, we will either fix it on site or take it away for a full inspection and re-deliver for free.

All purchases include set-up charge in the purchase price. This does NOT include price of delivery which will vary depending on distance from our south London workshop. We believe we should be setting up the game, it’s in your interest, but should you wish to collect the game in person and consequently save on delivery charges, we will ask you to sign a waiver which will completely void any returns from the moment the game is collected from our location. In essence our liability ends from the moment the pinball leaves our workshop if you decide to take it away and set it up. Likewise if you ask us to deliver a game and not set it up i.e. keep it stored you will forfeit the 12 month warranty on parts and labour as well as the 1 free call out. We can not be held liable for faults which may occur due to incorrect setting-up of game if you wish to opt for this. We strongly advise that you should always get Pinball Creative to set the game up in your house/delivery location and budget for delivery charges. Should you opt to set up and install the game yourself we will also cancel the offer of the one free service call out and 12 month's warranty on parts and labour.

Included in the purchase price we offer a copy of the original schematics and ONE FREE service call (within 300 miles from central London, England MAINLAND ONLY, does not include Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles, Northern Ireland or any Scottish islands etc. The free service call out is valid only within a 12 month period from sale. The parts and labour can only be considered on serviceable parts and not parts which can no longer be sourced nor replaced. Should a back glass be broken by the customer we can not be expected to replace this as a “part”. serviceable parts are intended (but not limited to) switches, end of stroke switches, solenoid coils, but not rubbers and lamps.

We guarantee a buy back scheme on all our machines which entitles you the buyer to a 50% buy-back of the original purchase price of the game. This is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The game is in identical condition to when it was purchased.

  2. The game has not been damaged nor tampered with in any shape or form.

  3. The game has been serviced at least once a year by us.

  4. We do not already have the same model in stock

  5. We are not over-stocked and can afford to purchase the return game.


Payments: All payments must be made by bank transfer, cheque (delivery upon cleared funds) or cash prior to collection not on delivery. We accept PayPal but charge an additional 6% on top of the sales price. All delivery charges must be agreed in writing prior to delivery date. Delivery charges can also be paid for as per the above means of payment. Paypal is not an accepted term of payment.

Our games are sold with a UK transformer and UK compliant three pin plug and are all earthed. All games that go on hire will have a valid PAT test. Games that are sold will not necessarily have been PAT tested.

Exports: We offer an export service to basically anywhere in the World. We strongly advise that ALL pinballs be fully crated for export, except where they may be loaded with household goods and personal effects on a lorry or container. We DO NOT offer any warranty nor guarantee on games shipped outside of the UK. An export waiver/disclaimer MUST be signed prior to any games leaving our site. We will NOT release any games from our possession without a waiver being signed by the client prior to shipment whether we have arranged the shipping and packing or not.  Please enquire about export rates and packing. Please be aware that voltage supplies vary immensely Worldwide so please ensure you tell us the voltage of the receiving country as we may be able to install a transformer in the UK to accommodate your country's voltage supply. This will come at an additional cost to supply. We also offer a tailor made door to door service within all of western Europe, where we personally drive with the pinball(s) to your house and set up the game(s). This is a costly option but you save on crating and potential damage in transit.

Games will be set to free play. If requested they will come with a coin mechanism which will incur an additional charge of £65.00 per mechanism, not all games include a cash box. We can also wire in a free play/coin play switch which allows the player/owner to choose between paying for a game or having the pinball on free play. This comes at an added cost of £130.00 and will need a coin mechanism too.

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