New balls please! (Basic work on our EMs)

  • New balls please. Most games have the playfield stripped down. We normally change or thoroughly clean flipper parts like End of Stroke (EoS) switches, cabinet switches, solenoids, springs, sleeves, often bats if worn. We then check bumpers for wear and change the common cause for a weak thumper like springs, coils and skirts. The playfield is thoroughly cleaned, in some cases clear coated (we do not carry out this process but commission a supplier to do this), or simply waxed over and over again. All the metal brightwork like posts, guides, screws and caps are polished to sparkling clean.
  • We clean the inside of the cabinet with a good brush and vacuum, then we check and clean all contacts, solenoids, fuses, bulbs, step up/down units. Each game is then ‘signed-off’ by a professional engineer who also offers an after-sales service. Remember grime is the crime inside a pintable.
  • We re-assemble the game with any new parts and then test, test and re-test that everything is working 100%. We normally keep and play a game for three months before putting it on sale.
  • In some instances we purchase a new back glass (where available) normally from Shay Amusements in the USA. This is rare, but sometimes we offer games with a good original back glass as well as a new reproduction back glass.
  • All external metal parts are either polished or chromed to a mirror finish. This includes parts like the plunger, ball lift, front door, coin strip, coin chute, legs, bolts.
  • When we re-assemble the game we check: stepper units, start/game over relays, score reels, score relays, motor switches and tilt mechanisms. We normally colour match small worn areas of the playfield with enamel paints. These are normally only very small dots of wear on the playfield as we are exceptionally choosy about our donor games. (Please see next page on commisioned restoration project)
  • We are pedantic. Our one main rule is that we only sell games that we would buy ourselves.
  • In some instances we improve the game by replacing the flipper solenoids with stronger more powerful solenoids as well as adding bridge rectifiers on the thumper bumpers to give more thumps for your money. Finally NEW BALLS PLEASE! We always provide new ball/balls with one of our games. The damage a worn ball can do to a playfield is unimaginable.