Gottlieb 1965 Buckaroo pinball machine roto target playfield


#pinballcreative supplied the game 'Magic City' to be used in the upcoming film 'Rocketman' about Elton John. #magiccity is a game by Williams. We have one for sale here from 1967.


Restoring a #funfair (Genco 1958) 60 hours of painstaking work was put into restoring the playfield of this 1958 Genco Fun-Fair. Restoration work took place this year at Pinball Dreams in Saarbrucken our "hand in hand" partners when doing top end restorations. We can take on commission work for your playfield. #pinballcreative carry out the stripping of all playfield furniture and items, remove ALL items from the back of the playfield to be taken to our chromers and platers.

The ultimate Pinball guide

"There is no temple" - taken from the short animated film the Jam Remainz the Same (Beacon Light Productions 1977). #Bally #Gottlieb #Bally We can only guide and advise. What makes a good game for one man may make for an awful game for the other. There is no ultimate pinball guide as there is no ultimate pinball machine. Sure we all have favourites and in the 50+ years I have been playing pinball I can honestly say that I have played some fantastic games as well as some utte