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New games coming soon...

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Keep your eyes peeled here for the latest restored games by Pinball Creative that are coming soon..

In the pipe-line we have:

GOTTLIEB BUCKAROO from 1965 A one player wedgehead by the great Wayne Neyens. Will be TOTALLY RESTORED Price Lots you may need to re-mortgage your house for this one! (Will be ready April or May 2020). Has taken us nearly 2 years to get it this far!

GOTTLIEB CROSSTOWN FROM 1966. One of our favourite games. We will spare no expense on this forthcoming restoration of a TRUE Gottlieb classic. Will be ready end of 2020. It will be expensive.

GOTTLIEB MASQUERADE FROM 1966. A joyful 4 player Gottlieb game which will be moderately priced and have a new reproduction backglass, repainted cabinet and also a very nice original playfield.

GOTTLIEB STRANGE WORLD FROM 1978. A really rare game with some very colourful and surreal artwork from Gordon Morrison. Only 675 were made as the end of the EM era was looming. It has an intelligent rule set. We intend restoring this to a very high standard with a repainted playfield and cabinet. The backglass is original and near perfect.

GOTTLIEB EYE OF THE TIGER FROM 1978. A two player game which has and excellent original playfield, near perfect backglass, repainted cabinet, full chrome exterior metal work and looks and plays superbly well. Should be ready end of January/February 2020

Contact us

For prices, viewings or to simply talk about our forthcoming games please contact us on 07931 819379
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