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Capt. Card 1974 Gottlieb pinball machine
Pinball used to be interwoven into our culture. We would see them everywhere n the 60's and 70's

Today, they are becoming collectible and cool to play, however, the days of people playing them for hours and hours in arcades are now gone. The pinballs we restore are not done to a price but to a standard. More and more people are buying them because they are great fun to play as every game will be different, they look fantastic lit and are becoming a good

Flipper Fair by Gottlieb (1961) on hire at a birthday party
On hire a lovely 1961 Flipper Fair

investment. We have all suffered from the 2008 banking crisis in one way or another. UK interest rates have been at an all time low for years. Where should you put your money? Well, buying a pinball isn't a bad idea. Fewer and fewer are available and very few people in the World actually restore them, let alone give a warranty.

pinball games room with a Melody and El Dorado by Gottlieb
Slowly but surely more and more lovely people are buying these classic games from an era long gone by.

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