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Updated: Oct 29, 2018

We have sold

over 80 vintage games in 6 years of trading and also hired games out for adverts and film shoots.

Nothing looks cooler than a perfectly restored retro electro-mechanical game. Even if you were to simply switch it on and watch the pretty coloured lamps glowing in the dark it would entirely light up a room with colour and joy.

Here are a few of the games we have placed in various locations over these years.


Gottlieb Universe from 1959. the space race was on and those damned Ruskies were winning, so what better way than advertising the USA's commitment to becoming the leader? By making space themed pinball machines!

Buckaroo and Kings & Queens by Gottlieb both from 1965, both were hired by Jack Daniels in 2015 at the Meatopolis event in Tobacco Wharf London

Capt. Card by Gottlieb from 1974, the add a ball version of High Hand. This game is the bees-knees. This particular unit lives near Saarbrucken, I wonder who owns it?

This is how the true masters of playfield restorations in Saarbrucken, Germany, restore old derelict playfields from an era long gone bye.

Q:What's better than a family playing vintage pinballs? A: A family playing vintage pinball.

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