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The art of Pinball

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Neyens, Kmiec, Parker, Morison, Molentin, Stenholm. These are just some of the many great names involved in creating #pinball over the past decades.

Designers, engineers and draftsmen alike have made our pinball machines glorious works of art. Pinball in our minds is where engineering marries perfectly with art and design.

The reason why we concentrate so adamantly on pinballs from the 50's 60's and 70's is because the guys who designed them used basic tools to work out angles and game play

and the artists actually drew and sketched the art. No photoshop, no computers, no Cadcam etc.

On the following pages we have listed key facts about the major three manufacturers from the 60's and 70's please read on.....

Pinball in our minds is where engineering marries perfectly with art and design.

Please enjoy the many pictures in this section which highlight what we have just said.

#Buckeroo, #Gottlieb

Williams Magic City (1967) The genius of Clark and Molentin

"Pinball, it's a fever and you're the master of the game"

Gottlieb 1962 Olympics, this one sold at Christie's in 2014

Bally Star-Jet from 1963. First real multi-ball? Great artwork from George Molentin

Bally went all out on this Fireball in 1972, but is it that good?

One of my personal favourite Atlantis from 1975. Brilliant game.

So iconic..............

A Bally Rolling Stones from 1980. My first new game!

A very under rated game. This Solar City sold 3 years ago for £2,000 and it had a perfect glass

The very iconic Kings & Queens by Gottlieb (1965) This one sold through the Conran Shop in Chelsea in 2015


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