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We certainly have the technology now! Based on a classic TV series from the 70s The Six Million Dollar Man was a massive hit and consequently Bally latched on to the series by being able to use the name and images from the show. 


This particular game has been owned by the same person for around 9 years. It has had all new boards in the back now including a brand new sound board! All displays are original and working well. The flippers, pop bumpers and up kick post have been rebuilt. It also has all new lamp holders under the playfield and in the backbox along with new lamps and rubbers.  The game plays really well. There is noticeable wear on the playfield, the drop targets will need replacing at an additional cost as well. We recommend a fully restored game but this will take time to do, call us for further details. The game also comes with an original manual.


We suggest you can buy it as is OR have a new playfield swapped out for the old one. These will be from CPR and we will also need to lacquer it and swap every item from the old to the new. We can also paint the cabinet to the exact original colours and patterns and get the metal work chromed.


This will take time and cost extra.

For your guidance:

1. Playfield swap cost £2,500 includes purchase of new playfield and shipping/VAT (note the playfield swap can only happen if playfield is in stock at CPR which at time of writing it was.

2. Cabinet repaint £1,950

3. Chrome exterior £1,950

4. Internal zinc plating of parts and chrome plating of playfield parts £400

5. Chromed legs £250


The game currently comes with a Six month warranty on parts and labour and 1 FREE call out within the first 6 months of ownership.  This game comes with an original manual. Delivery extra.



Name: Six Million Dollar Man

Make: Bally Manufacturing Corp.

Date of Build October 1978

Designer: Greg Kmiec

Artwork: Dave Christensen

Units made:10,320

Model number 1138-E

Six Million Dollar Man (Bally) 1979

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