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This is a fun skiing themed game from the mid-sixties. The game would look great in any chalet or ski resort. The cabinet is original and would benefit from a total repaint and refurbishment, however the playfield and backglass are original and in very good condition. The backglass is a 10/10 and the playfield a 7.5/10 with some signs of wear around the kick-out holes. The games has been mechanically refurbished and plays fast and true. Flippers and pop bumpers totally rebuilt and the cabinet and playfield have had a lot of chroming, see front door, legs, lockbar, pluger, plunger housing etc. We could carry out a cabinet repaint for £1,950 extra if the client so required. the siderails would also benefit from a polish/chrome at £180. The game  has a very clever game rule set whereby achieving A, B,C,D, E moves the mountaineer up the mountain by one step, at the top of the mountain the mountaineer's flag lights briefly, a replay is awarded and the climber is sent back to the bottom to start the whole process again. This is however a carry over feature from game to game to incentivise players to keep or carry on playing.


Name: Alpine Club

Make: Williams Electronic Manufacturing Corp.

Date of Build: February 1965

Designer: Steve Kordek

Artwork: Art Stenholm

Units made: 1,200

Model number: 310

Notes: Replay game

Alpine Club (Williams) 1965

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