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This is the 3td Gottlieb Gigi we have fully restored, It is a GROUND UP restoration in the fullest sense of the wording. The backglass is new, the cabinet has been fully restored to original colours and patterns, the  electro-mechanics have been totally refurbished and the playfield meticulously repainted and clear coated (6 layers). It is a soft gentle game  from a very differnt era which can prove  to be very difficult to beat. The backglass is supposed to be a representation of Marilyn Monroe. A photo of her at a charity event is very similar to the image on the backglass taken in 1958.  More photos available on request. The game is simply beautiful,


Delivery is extra subject to floor and location.


Comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and labour (see terms and conditions) and ONE free call out within ONE year from date of delivery.




Name: Gigi

Make: D. Gottlieb & Co.

Date of Build: December 1963

Designer: Wayne Neyens

Artwork: Roy Parker

Units made: 3,575

Model number: 202

Notes: Reproduction backglass, 1 player replay game.


Gigi (Gottlieb) 1963

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