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We recently purchased this really original example from a gentleman who had owned and played it for nearly 30 years. Gulf Stream is one of those early 70s Williams games which featured the very particular and unique Christian Marche pointy people. We have completely refurbished the game mechanically and it plays really nicely. The backglass is a unique reproduction (one off) made by us. The playfield is original and has signs of wear and scuffs aruond the flippers. The cabinet and metal work is also original. In our mind it would significantly improve the aspect of the cabinet if the entire pinball cabinet and back box if it were repainted correctly with polished and chromed metalwork. This would however more than double the asking price. A full repaint would cost £1,900 and a complete metal polish and chrome (external only) £1,500. Chrome legs extra at £390. The game comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and labour and ONE free call out from date of delivery. All subsequent call outs will be chaged according to postcode. Terms and conditions apply please see our page on this. The game also comes with an original or copy of the schematics. A very inexpensive game for those wanting a good pinball machine on a budget. The game is set to DC and therefore plays very fast.


Name: Gulf Stream

Make: Williams Electronics Incorporated

Date of Build: 23 October 1972

Designer: Norm Clark

Artwork: Christian Marche

Units made: 4,175

Model number: 417

Notes: This game can be either an Add a Ball or Replay game

Gulf Stream (Williams) 1973

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