No expenses spared on this latest restoration of a Bally classic early digital Solid State pinball machine. The game was released back in September 1979 and was an immediate success with the public. 14,550 units made it one of the most popular and "must have games" of the time. The iconic Harlem Globe Trotters were very big in the mid to late 70s and when Bally landed the licence to manufacture this game it was bound to prove successful. The designer is Greg Kmiec of Bally Captain Fantastic and Wizard fame and the artist is Greg Freres. This example has a fully restored cabinet with an exact pattern and colour match. A brand new ad hoc reproduction backglass with a mirrored finish as per the original,  All new boards in the backbox including MPU, sound board, rectifier/power board, lamp driver board and solenoid driver board. It has a 475w peak speaker and plays chosen blues tracks and the theme tune "Sweet Georgia Brown" basically it will still play with the same classic background sounds of the original game but also plays our selection of tracks during the course of the game, these can also be changed for your own selection of tracks at an extra fee. the game also comes with a 1952 version of "Sweet Georgia Brown" on 45 rpm vinyl single by The Brother Bones. The game also has a full external chorme pack which means all external metal work with the exception of the legs are chromed or polished. Potential buyers can also choose to have the legs chrome plated at an additional £250. All metal parts on the playfield including the ball gate and ball returns are chromed. All metal parts under the apron (ball kick out area) have been zinc plated, The playfield is in a good original condition and has a mylar covering. The bumpers, flippers, spinners and target units have been rebuilt. The spinners have new decals and on the flip side have images of the player's faces. All new targets and pop bumper covers. The plastics are original and with the exception of one plastic are in very good condition. The internal metal work like tilt bob, ball tilt, playfield rest have all been either chromed or zinc plated, All connectors in the back have been checked. All lamps and ALL lamp holders under the playfield have been replaced with new ones, All rubbers changed and obviously a new ball, With the exception of the playfield and plastics this game is virtually new. We challnge anyone to show us a better Harlem Globe Trotters pinball machine. The game comes with a ONE year warranty on parts and labour and one free call out (see our terms and condition as there are some exceptions). This game plays brilliantly is currently set to free play and extra ball it also comes with original and our own unique reproduction score cards.



Name: Harlem Globe Trotters on Tour

Make: Bally Manufacturing Corp.

Release date: September 1979

Units made 14,550

Designed by Greg Kmiec

Artwork: Greg Freres

Model number 1161-E
model number: 464

Harlem Globe Trotters (Bally) 1979