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This is one of the very best classic Bally early solid state games from the late 70's early 80's. Fantastic artwork by Kevin O'Connor and designed by one of the top Bally pinball designers Jim Patla, this this example has a fully restored cabinet, 10/10 original backglass, almost perfect original playfield and full chrome external pack. There is an option to add chromed legs as well. The even better news is that ALL the boards in the back are new including a new sound board by Mally.  The boards include the MPU, sound board, rectifier/power board, lamp driver board and solenoid driver board.  Potential buyers can also choose to have the legs chrome plated at an additional £250. All metal parts on the playfield including the ball gate and ball returns are chromed. All metal parts under the apron (ball kick out area) have been zinc plated, The bumpers, flippers, spinners and target units have been rebuilt. All new targets and pop bumper covers. The plastics are original. The internal metal work like tilt bob, ball tilt, playfield rest have all been either chromed or zinc plated, All connectors in the back have been checked. All lamps and ALL lamp holders under the playfield have been replaced with new ones, All rubbers changed and obviously a new ball, We challange anyone to show us a better Silverball Mania! The game comes with a ONE year warranty on parts and labour and one free call out (see our terms and condition as there are some exceptions). This game plays brilliantly is currently set to free play and extra ball. This game has been restored by us in 2015/16 and is being sold on behalf of a long standing client who has ill health. Also comes with a copy of the manual.




Make: Bally Manufacturing Corp.

Release date: February 1980

Units made 10,350

Designed by Jim Patla

Artwork: Kevin O'Connor

Model number 1157-E

Silverball Mania (Bally) 1980

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