We are pleased to be selling one of our previously restored games on behalf of a customer who is slimming down his collection. We restored this lovely example of this Gottlieb Kings & Queens back in 2014. It has been looked after and kept exceptionally well since then in a private UK collection.


The game features a new reproduction glass a new reproduction (not N.O.S.) playfield imported from the USA and all new coils, bumpers and flippers as well as new and correct era roll over guides. It will have brand new lamp holders under playfield and will be completely checked and serviced prior to sale. It obviously comes with new rubbers and lamps throughout. The game plays really well and originates from San Francisco in California. We completely overhauled the mechanics of the game as it was not fit for sale when we received it from the USA. This often happens with games we used to import from the USA. As the photos show it is a very tidy game, with a superbly restored interior. The cabinet has been repainted to the correct colours and external pattern. It comes with a schematics and as usual a 1 year warranty on parts and labour (UK mainland only). It also comes with 1 free service call within 1 year from purchase (UK mainland only). The chrome work and external metal work is nearly all new. We have sold 4 Kings & Queens in 6 years and this is always a very sought after game.

Kings & Queens (Gottlieb) 1965

  • Name: Kings & Queens
    Make: Gottlieb.
    Date of Build: March 1965
    Designer: Wayne Neyens
    Artwork: Roy Parker
    Number made: 2,875
    Model: 215


    This game features heavily in the famous Pinball Wizard scene from the 1975 film Tommy by Ken Russell. This is not the actual game used in the film.