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This is a very rare add a ball game by Gottlieb. Only 500 examples were made and the game itself is very different from most wedgeheads from the era. You need to "chase" the chosen numer from 1 to 6 to either score 200 as opposed to 50 or better still win an added ball. We have mechanically restored the game to have newly conditioned flippers, new pop bumpers, new lamaps and all new lamp holders, new targets and a total rebuild of bottom board and refurbishment of backboard. It has an original cabinet which we would suggest having restored and repainted, original playfield which is very good condition wth few signs of wear.

The game features a fully working and rebuilt roto target with new stickers and a chromed roto protecting arch, perfect original plastics. The game features a reproduction backglass made to specification as these are unavailable from usual sources.  The game has a newly chromed door, coin chute plate, plunger and escutcheon. It comes with new (non chromed legs). The game also comes with a schematics (copy). We have installed a new toughened playfield glass.


In our opinion you could add

1. Cabinet repaint £1,750

2. Full external chroming and polishing including legs £1,000

3. Internal zinc and chrome plating full £1,250 or partial £400

4. Playfield repaint by Pinball Dreams price on application


Delivery is extra subject to floor and location.


Comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and labour (see terms and conditions) and ONE free call out within ONE year from date of delivery.


PlayMates (Gottlieb) 1968

  • Name: PlayMates
    Make: Gottlieb
    Date of Build: December 1968
    Designer: Ed Krynski
    Artwork: Art Stenholm
    Number made: 500
    Model: 272



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