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Here we have a mechanically refurbished SAMPLE Sky Jump n. 1038 S. There is no difference at all in the mass produced version, but some people love collecting sample games. Because it is a sample game we have left most things unchanged. Note we can remove all the LEDs. The game comes with both the original and a licenced new back glass. All the main mechanical work was undertaken by us, including but not limited to a new set of targets, three new pop bumpers, some rollover guides and new flippers. We have also undertaken a full mechancal refurbushment. Kindly note that the playfield is original with signs of wear and fading, the plastics are original but in excellent condition. The cabinet is original and has signs of wear and scratches. The front door and coin chute are new and the plunger and escutcheon are chromed. The game comes with a ONE year warranty from date of delivery (terms and conditions apply) and ONE FREE call out from one year from date of delivery. It is also supplied with either new or old Gottlieb non chromed legs. Schematics (copy) and a new playfield glass are also supplied as standard with our games.

If you're after a fun economical but reliable Gottlieb pinball machine for your games room look no further. Reduced in price.


In our opinion you could add

1. Cabinet repaint £1,750

2. Full external chroming and polishing including legs £1,500

3. Internal zinc and chrome plating full £1,250 or partial £400


However, this all depends if you wish to keep it as original as possible due to it being a sample game. This is entirely up to the potential buyer.


Delivery is extra subject to floor and location. This game is now in storage so you will need to call us in advance to make an appointment to set it up.


Comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and labour (see terms and conditions) and ONE free call out within ONE year from date of delivery.

Sky Jump (Gottlieb) 1973

  • Name: Sky Jump
    Make: Gottlieb
    Date of Build: May 1974
    Designer: Ed Krynski
    Artwork: Gordon Morison
    Number made: 4,200
    Model: 395


    Notes this is a "Sample" game 1038 S

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