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This is an iconic pinball machine from 1961. The space race was on and America had to prove it's might against the U.S.S.R. George Molentin created the beautiful artwork and Steve Kordek designed the igenious game where you need to step the individual coloured rockets up to "Special" Each special light reached scores a replay when the ball exits via the gobble holes. Mechanically fully refurbished, plays really well. It has some wear on the playfield and touch ups, The cabinet has been repainted in one of it's two original cabinet colour designs (orange) and has been lacqured. Legs are powder coated red. This is an original glass. Many LEDs added for extra colour. Lovely iconic game from an era long gone bye. Only 800 units were manufatured, A very rare game and the last Williams game with step up score backglass displays before they went on to reels. The game comes with a ONE year warranty and ONE free call out within one year from date of delivery.  Terms and conditions apply on parts we offer a warranty on. this game has now been placed into storage so you will need to call us in advance to view and play it.


Name: Space Ship

Make: Williams Electronic Manufacturing Corp.

Date of Build: December 1961

Designer: Steve Kordek

Artwork: George Molentin

Units made: 800

Model number: 256

Notes: Replay game and the last to use step up bulb scoring in the backglass

Space Ship (Williams) 1961

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